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We specialize in community & government access to businesses, chambers of commerce, trades, unions, governments/agencies, community based organizations, non-profits & the faith-based in the Southern California region with two key reasons for your consideration:


  • Locally educated at the top universities in California (U.C. Irvine, USC, & Pepperdine)

  • Over a decade of experience in government, community, and corporate affairs

  • Grassroots connections in the Southern California community to Sacramento & Washington D.C.



  • Local Municipalities in Southern California

  • Regional Agency Governments (Transportation, Water, Ports, Airports, Multi-government groups)

  • State of California

  • Federal Government & Departments

  • U.S. Military & Armed Forces

  • Utilities (Electricity, Gas, Cable/Internet, etc.)

  • Chambers of Commerce 

  • Local & Foreign Corporations 

  • Unions & Trades

  • Faith-Based Organizations

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Asian Pacific Islander American Organizations

  • Foreign Countries



To provide our clients with access to civic and community leaders with the loyalty, vision, and strategy to stand out from the competition.  

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