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  • Government Affairs (Public Affairs)

  • Community Relations (Community Affairs)

  • Business Consultation

  • Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Government Affairs (Public Affairs)


Specializing in connecting clients with the elected and/or appointed officials at the local municipal, county, agency, state, federal and international levels of government in the Southern California area, Sacramento (California State Capitol), and Washington D.C. (U.S. Capitol)


Business Consultation


Any client would need an analysis of the organizational culture, knowledge of their own industry in services or products, strategic analysis, business execution, government regulations & opportunities, and consumer trends.

Community Relations


Engaging with the community requires any client to have due diligence and proper relationships which Three Kings Public Affairs can guide in developing a game plan that is customized according to the wide variety of cultural, economic, generational, geographic, social, and other demographics in our diverse region and country.  

Diversity & Inclusion Specialist


Companies and organizations of all sizes are realizing the importance of having a strategy to appeal to a diverse population and/or hiring diverse workforce to fit the needs of the 21st Century.   While diversity is typically defined in terms of such as ethnicity, income, and religion, it has expanded to generational, disability status and military service.  A company must understand the local, state and federal laws that protect many of these populations or face future liability.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


Several recent studies have shown consistently that an organization that allows volunteering opportunities in the community is just as or more important than income salary to keep good talent.  Likewise, consumers prefer to buy from businesses that have social responsibility.  Understanding both the desires of your employees to give back and the needs of the local community creates a happier and more efficient workforce.  

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